A Workshop with Linda Connor

A few weeks ago I took a photography workshop with Linda Connor. It was intended to help you refine your photographic vision. The experience is still resonating. A lot was packed into the workshop, I am still unpacking from it.

She is one of the great photographers [and teachers]. I carry several of her landscapes and portraits around in my head. And she is a direct link to another hero of mine Harry Callahan; he was one of her teachers at the Rhode Island School of Design. She shared some great stories about her time with him. Once a young museum curator asked him what makes a great photographer. There was a long, long pause before Harry grunted, “Beethoven.”

Linda suggested I check out Joel Sternfeld. A good call on her part. It is so lovely to be introduced to great work by a photographer formerly unknown to me. I now own three monographs by him: AMERICAN PROSPECTS, SWEET EARTH, and ON THIS SITE. I found this great YouTube video about his work on
the Highline in New York City:

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